Monday, October 3, 2011

10 Day Free Shipping Sale

At the beginning of the month, Lucy and I sat down and picked our three favorite items from our shop:

The Japanese Kimono Doll Luggage ID made our list because, not just because it is really cute, but because we were able to use special gold thread in making her.  We wanted to capture the beauty and simplicity of the Japanese Kimono when making her dress.  Originally, we thought of adding different colors and sakura to it, but it went against the pure simplicity of the style.  Finally, while fishing through my grandmother's old sewing materials we stumbled upon the thread.  It was the perfect way to bring out the colors while remaining simply stated.

The Skull and Bow Luggage ID is the result of our combined effort.  I was wanting Lucy to make something cool, like a robot or comic book character.  After several complicated robot designs, lucy sat down and drew up the skull and showed it to me.  I immediately thought, "The Punisher!"  Lucy quickly took the drawing away and added one more detail...a bow.  It was a complete oxymoron, like the Punisher on Prozac.  We just had to do it!

The Foaming Beer Luggage ID has to be my favorite, slightly beating out the Punisher on Prozac.  It is a perfect representation of a good beer, fluffy head that you can feel.  Lucy stuffed the foam with, what else, foam to give it a nice fluffy feel.

To celebrate our favorites, we are offering them to you with free shipping for a limited time.  Click on the links below to check them out before they are gone!

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