Monday, September 12, 2011

Halloween Tags Are Back!!

Every year before trick-or-treating, my brothers and I would get into a big fight over whose candy bag was whose.  It didn't matter that they were pretty much the same.  To us, one of the bags could hold infinitely more candy than the other bags combined.  We all wanted that one!

Even before our default army and rock star costumes were on, our bedroom was a battleground.  Soon, our room looked like a hotel room after The Who had visited (Keith Moon would have been proud of us).  The tugging, pulling, punching, running, and general chaos was usually put to an end by dad coming upstairs and  following through on his promise, "If you can't behave, you won't go trick-or-treating."

One year, my oldest brother took out a piece of cardboard and wrote our names on it.  He cut the names out, drew some Halloween pictures on them, and attached them to each bag with a shoe string.  No argument followed.  We just took our assigned bags, put on our costumes, and went out trick-or-treating.  Finally, years of fights came to an end with a simple solution: name tags on the bags!

My wife and I have improved on my brother's original trick-or-treat bag tag.  Now, we use felt instead of cardboard, sew the names on instead of write them on with marker, and adorn them with fun designs!  Whether you are preparing gift bags for a Halloween party or just trying to prevent a battle of the bags, our tags will suit your needs.

Check them out on our Etsy Store here:  Halloween Tags

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lovely name tags for this summer!

This summer is so beautiful.  We made almost 100 name tags for our customers.  Some of them went to a birthday party, some of them went to a preschool, some of them are gifts from a mom,  some of them are gifts for a friend.  We made the name tags with our love and care and they will carry the love and care to their new destiny and home.  Hope every one enjoy the summer!


Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy Labor Day!

After several days in the lower 70's here in Portland, it looks like the weather has come around to give us one last shot of summer...Portland summer that is.  This means clear sunny days with mild temperatures and lots of bicycles on the streets and drinks on the porch.  It seems the perfect way to spend the last holiday before children go back to school.  We hope that everyone else is able to enjoy a pleasant Labor Day weekend too!