Friday, June 10, 2011

Something sweet,something fun, something cool...

Here are some pictures of the luggage ID.
The foaming beer is my husband's favorite one.  It is pretty good idea that you can have a cup of beer in this hot summer.

The Japanese doll is absolutely so cute.  I put a flower on her hair to suit her dress.  And sorry for the ink that I left on her dress. Just sprinkle a little bit water. it will disappear.

The skull with a bow is really cool one.  The idea is from this trip.  I like the idea that you can being cool and still can be sweet.

More ideas:
*Perfect for gift cards.
*Tag Christmas, Birthday packages with it.
*Tag a wedding gift for the couple about to honeymoon.
*Use as your own business card holder.
*Use as your transit pass holder or work ID holder
*Tag golf bag, computer cases, diaper bags.
*Put a photo in it 

1 comment:

  1. I love these as luggage tags! Definitely much cuter than my brightly piece of fabric tied on the handle to make bag look different than all the others on the big belt of luggage. Great idea!