Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New tags for Luggage ID,Personal bag,Gift tag or picture carrier!!

Before our Vancouver Trip, Jeff and I had an idea about making some tags for our luggages and bags. We wanted to make something cute, solid, functional and personal. I love the felt because it feels nice and is so colorful. The theme is about travel.  We made a "Eiffel Tower". And I still want something cute and fun also Jeff can have it.So we made a cute "owl".

So our tags travel with us through the tornado from St.Louis,the ferry from Bremerton everyday, the best noodles place in Chinatown Seattle, the best cupcake shop in Bellevue, the beautiful and peaceful afternoon on Bainbridge Island. Now we are in Vancouver Canada. We met a lot of nice people here. The Canadian just won the hockey game tonight. The whole city is full of happiness.  Maybe it is full of beer too.

It is so nice that we can have a little tiny companion from home with us. Tomorrow, we will go to the best coffee shop in Vancouver. Next stop maybe Paris...

Give me a moment to organize the pictures and I will upload more pictures from the  wonderful places.

I think every Canadian will have a good night tonight.  Good night every body.

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