Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How-to's: Let 's make a cute hair clip together!

Let's make a bow together for the beautiful weather.

Martial needed: ribbon, double side tape.

1. Get 3 pieces of ribbon.

2. Put the double side tape in the middle of the ribbon A and B

3. Tape your ribbons.

4.Put the double side tape on the middle of  one of the ribbon.

5. Tape the two ribbons together.

6. Let make the cute nut now.  Fold the ribbon C.

7. After you fold it and we can make a nut .

8. Tape the ribbon C

9.Put the 3 together and use the tape on the ribbon C tape the them together.

10. Yes, it is done and so cute.

Cute little things light up your day!

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