Monday, November 28, 2011

The Holidays Have Arrived

In just a days time, the city transformed from rain soaked Autumn town with coffee sippers sitting in cafés and rain coat wearers trudging through ochiba filled streets to a city celebrating the Christmas season.  Up to Thanksgiving, the air was filled with the gentle pitter-patter of rain hitting the pavement and leaves, all the while lulling the city to sleep.  People moved about in slow motion and the city fell into a trance, hypnotized by the falling rain.  This trance culminated on Thanksgiving morning with people emptying the streets for their homes where Thanksgiving meals lay scattered about kitchens waiting to be prepared.

The early morning streets were empty, except for a few joggers making their way down the sidewalks and nature trails.   Portland slumbered.  Slowly the clouds broke and the sun shone through casting a golden hue on everything its beams touched.  In the distance the first sign of the coming holiday season peaked through.  The perfect white peak of Mount Hood glistened in the golden rays of the morning sun proclaiming the arrival of the holidays.  Despite the grandeur of the proclamation, the city was slow to take notice as people busied themselves with preparations for the coming feast.  By the time people took notice and headed out, the messenger fell back behind the dark clouds and gave way once more to the pitter-patter of rain falling on the streets.  By evening the rain subsided and Portland opened up to troves of shoppers making their way to stores.

The next morning the city was greeted with rays of sunshine, the pitter-patter of feet making their way from one shop to the next, and the clicking of bicycles rolling through the streets.  The city had awoken from its Autumn slumber and given way to the festivities of the holiday season.  People were out clearing leaves from their yards to make way for Christmas decorations.  Shops and cafés opened their doors to fill the streets with a thousand different renditions of "Jingle Bell Rock".  Christmas had all but arrived.

The city and its neighborhoods bustled with the busyness of the first "shopping day of Christmas".  As the evening drew near, people migrated from the neighborhood shops to Pioneer Square downtown where they sang Christmas carols in anticipation of the city's proclamation of the pending holiday, the lighting of the Christmas tree.  The crowd grew larger and larger as the minutes ticked by.  Anticipation mounted.  After a guest appearance by Father Christmas the crowd counted down, "...three, two, one!"  The tree sparkled and flashed while the choir broke out into song.  The holidays had arrived.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

New Tags and new theme

For this coming holiday season,  we will make some new themes for our eco-friendly name tags.  

New theme:  honey and flower , honey bee and flower
                     ladybug and clover leaves
                     snail and flower, snail and sun
                     teddy bear and candy, teddy bear and heart
                     rabbit and flower, rabbit and tree
                     car and sun, car and tree
                     tractor and sun, tractor and tree
                     fish and seaweed, fish and air bubble
                     gift bag and candy, gift bag and heart,  gift bag and shocks
                     heart and flower,  heart and crystal shoe
                     ginger bread man and gift bag,  ginger bread man and heart
                     flower and tree,  flower and heart


Gift bags for the Samaritan's Purse activities.

Just made some gift bags for the Samaritan's Purse activities for the Operation Christmas Child.

The gift bags set has a butterfly purse, a flower blooming pencil bag and a ginger bread candy house tote bag.

All in Capital Letters is still a lot of fun.

We got a order which wanted all the names in capital forms.  Never thought of that.  It turns out really cute.

Hope everyone have a wonderful day.

Monday, October 3, 2011

10 Day Free Shipping Sale

At the beginning of the month, Lucy and I sat down and picked our three favorite items from our shop:

The Japanese Kimono Doll Luggage ID made our list because, not just because it is really cute, but because we were able to use special gold thread in making her.  We wanted to capture the beauty and simplicity of the Japanese Kimono when making her dress.  Originally, we thought of adding different colors and sakura to it, but it went against the pure simplicity of the style.  Finally, while fishing through my grandmother's old sewing materials we stumbled upon the thread.  It was the perfect way to bring out the colors while remaining simply stated.

The Skull and Bow Luggage ID is the result of our combined effort.  I was wanting Lucy to make something cool, like a robot or comic book character.  After several complicated robot designs, lucy sat down and drew up the skull and showed it to me.  I immediately thought, "The Punisher!"  Lucy quickly took the drawing away and added one more detail...a bow.  It was a complete oxymoron, like the Punisher on Prozac.  We just had to do it!

The Foaming Beer Luggage ID has to be my favorite, slightly beating out the Punisher on Prozac.  It is a perfect representation of a good beer, fluffy head that you can feel.  Lucy stuffed the foam with, what else, foam to give it a nice fluffy feel.

To celebrate our favorites, we are offering them to you with free shipping for a limited time.  Click on the links below to check them out before they are gone!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

New theme for name tags. Tractors for boy

Here are some name tags just finished.  They are cute.  We make a tractor for the boys.  We like the new design.  Hope the boys will like the name tags and have fun when they use the nametags.

We also give the girls a crown, high heel shoe, flower,bee, leaves, ladybug, hearts and snail.  Hope they will love the name tags.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Halloween Tags Are Back!!

Every year before trick-or-treating, my brothers and I would get into a big fight over whose candy bag was whose.  It didn't matter that they were pretty much the same.  To us, one of the bags could hold infinitely more candy than the other bags combined.  We all wanted that one!

Even before our default army and rock star costumes were on, our bedroom was a battleground.  Soon, our room looked like a hotel room after The Who had visited (Keith Moon would have been proud of us).  The tugging, pulling, punching, running, and general chaos was usually put to an end by dad coming upstairs and  following through on his promise, "If you can't behave, you won't go trick-or-treating."

One year, my oldest brother took out a piece of cardboard and wrote our names on it.  He cut the names out, drew some Halloween pictures on them, and attached them to each bag with a shoe string.  No argument followed.  We just took our assigned bags, put on our costumes, and went out trick-or-treating.  Finally, years of fights came to an end with a simple solution: name tags on the bags!

My wife and I have improved on my brother's original trick-or-treat bag tag.  Now, we use felt instead of cardboard, sew the names on instead of write them on with marker, and adorn them with fun designs!  Whether you are preparing gift bags for a Halloween party or just trying to prevent a battle of the bags, our tags will suit your needs.

Check them out on our Etsy Store here:  Halloween Tags

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lovely name tags for this summer!

This summer is so beautiful.  We made almost 100 name tags for our customers.  Some of them went to a birthday party, some of them went to a preschool, some of them are gifts from a mom,  some of them are gifts for a friend.  We made the name tags with our love and care and they will carry the love and care to their new destiny and home.  Hope every one enjoy the summer!


Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy Labor Day!

After several days in the lower 70's here in Portland, it looks like the weather has come around to give us one last shot of summer...Portland summer that is.  This means clear sunny days with mild temperatures and lots of bicycles on the streets and drinks on the porch.  It seems the perfect way to spend the last holiday before children go back to school.  We hope that everyone else is able to enjoy a pleasant Labor Day weekend too!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fabric Prints

Years ago I remember reading an article about using an inkjet printer to print on fabric. Because of limitations of the printer ink at that time, it involved special conditioning of the fabric before and after printing. It was a lot of trouble so, I put the project on the back burner.

Recently, we picked up a new printer that uses a new ink formula that allows for printing on fabric. Tonight, I decided to put it to the test and do a small test print. It turned out very nice.

We are going to run some tests on it to make sure that it doesn't bleed or wash away. The ink says that the color may fade with normal wear and tear and in a lot of bright light. It may take a little while to test all of this out, but if it doesn't bleed, wash away, or fade too much we have a few new projects in mind.

Since we are still experimenting, we'd love to hear any ideas that you have!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Cute kitty coin purse with your name on top

We just sent the Cute Kitty Coin Purse out!  We made it special by putting a bride's name on it to make a special gift for her.  We hope the pretty bride will love the kitty and the purse.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

What a nice day today!

It is so nice today.  It is sunny and cool.  Brought out all my felt and started making new pouch.

This is what I made today.  It can be used as a credit or debit card holder or business card holder.

There are a cute girl and a funny cat on top.  They are just adorable.

Also the card holder in side can put 20 cards in it.  I used the cotton lace to tie it.  That way is easy to adjust when you have more cards than you think.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Put a bird on it!!!!

Like the TV show called Portlandia.  Especially, the one episode "Put a bird on it".

I follow the fashion and made some new luggage IDs.  I love them.